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It’s not MY job

Staffan Ehde / 2016-01-12 19:38:51


A CEO told me not long ago that you should only be the head of a company for five years and then move on. The reason being that after five years you start thinking of it as being YOUR company. Now if you own the company it is yours, right?

Wrong. Your freedom is totally dependent on the customer’s approval to what you are doing. Is your product or service worth paying for? I like the saying that we use when seeing a doctor, “I’m going to see MY doctor”. I always want my clients to think of us as THEIR producer and maybe the entrepreneur is more aware of the fact that without customers the business will shrink like, yes you know what…

Part of the path to institutionalizing a business is just that, we see it as OUR workplace and therefore focus tends to land on how we can make things easier for us. At the end it is easier for us to have a small window open for the customers as they usually “interrupt” OUR important job. So I think it’s not MY job, I think it’s my clients job I’m doing for them…

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