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Follow the rules-or- you might win

Staffan Ehde / 2016-01-12 19:39:46


My son (7) was playing chess the other day, he and some friends in school were busy thinking up ways to win. As I watched I realized that they did not play according to the book…

Almost, almost I was about to say” this is not the way you play chess”, but before I spoke out I thought for myself,”why not?”. Who made the rules up? Why would there be a wrong and a right way?

On our way home, I asked my son ”who made the rules up?” And he answered that they made them up, because the traditional way was to boring. And he started some theory about minecraft (a video game/world) and how they transferred that to chess…

I think that we are to obsessed about how the rules are made up, even in business models. Rules are made by humans, and rules can be changed. The worse rules are the ones that force humans to act like agents (an agent is a person that will execute orders without putting own values into the action). But soon enough there will be somebody that will break the rules and force the old institutions to change or melt…

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