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Why “different” is so hard to do

Staffan Ehde / 2015-12-09 14:21:01



Many times we will find there is a resistance to do something different. Even when an organization is melting like ice cream there is an emotional inertia. Big or small we always have excuses to why we do not change something that is not working. The most common excuse is that we have no time. You will NEVER have time, time is never given to us, time is something we have to TAKE. Time is priority - end of discussion.

So why, why on earth are we so afraid of changing our life, our company or our environment?

Maybe we all know we might fail. And to be honest, we will, many times we will fail.

The difference between those that actually do change their world and those that don’t is about “fail management”. If we do not do anything we can blame circumstances (or lack of time), we make ourselves victims, by doing so the failure is unavoidable.

Convenient, isn’t it? By taking a risk and actually do something different and fail, others might point at us and we probably cannot stand that thought. The reason I’m writing this is a mail I got yesterday where the writer reminded me about a film that we produced 1992 (Diket), first we where claimed to be crazy and later genius. Thank god for that change in scenery but I remember how it was to receive faxes where I was asked to take a trip to warmer regions in the universe, I remember sitting at meetings where people would yell at me, and I remember institutions trying to stop the Swedish National Television from broadcasting the “craziness”.

The emotion that stirred within me is interesting to analyze (at least for me), I went into the same mood that we find stunt men (women) go into before a stunt. Suddenly their world becomes very narrow and their sight is like a tunnel, the more dangerous the narrower. As they sit on the motorbike, ready to drive over a car in motion (yes we did it once), you do not ask about anything that is not related to the stunt (how are your kids?). Their focus is seen through a sniper scope and it is all about surviving. The more primitive parts of the brain are taking charge and there will be voices claiming that we should never do this again, right?

And maybe that is what it is all about, our reptile brain, being stronger that the “new” smarter brain that we have developed being the “modern” Homo Sapiens. There is always fear involved in doing the uncomfortable, and that fear might not even be real. But if we want to be creative we need to override that reptile brain that instills a powerful STOP on us.

You are in charge – who else could it be?

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