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Did the prairie shape the survivors?

Staffan Ehde / 2015-12-09 14:20:37

I'm giving a talk on how to think laterally at JP morgans 50th floor

photo:James Fine

Always dangerous to generalize, but our experience when sailing the oceans is that the Americans are world champions when it comes to share information and helping anybody around. In a dangerous environment like the sea they stand out with friendliness and always asking if you need assistance. Something that is seldom true when it comes to Europeans (unless you are from the same country). Now there are exceptions of course…

Now let’s move to the corporate environment.

Being on the top floor at JP Morgan having a workshop with several companies that compete on daily basis, it is unbelievable how much generosity you’d would find in sharing challenges and solutions. Not to form any cartels of any sort, just to be able to make a better job. Why is that? Could it be a nation with people that had to make it by themselves not long ago and those that collaborated survived? In Europe the critique could be that a lot of Americans are shallow and not make really good friends. I do not agree at all, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. On top of that does it matter? If you are offered help by a stranger what good does it make if you have 2 best friends somewhere else in the world?

Lets all be more generous today…

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