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Do you need to find a new way to manage innovation?

Welcome to the world of film production.

It was in 2003 that Stig Gustavsson, then market director at the industrial company UPONOR had to find a way to change course in their offer to customers. The figures were red and they had tried almost everything normal companies would try.

He came to think about a film that Staffan Ehde had produced and that started a new dialogue between two completely different worlds.

They combined the disciplines from film production and management in the technical industry and a year later the profit improved with 40%!

That changed the course for Metafor Media as well, from being a film production company it transformed to a management consultant business.

What makes us different from other consultants (we think) is the culture we have from the very beginning:

  • A film producer is a facilitator – he/she is never the star
  • A film production is a creative process with a time frame and a limited budget
  • A story is emotional and we know how to trigger the RIGHT emotions, an important factor to motivate the entire organization.

Since 2003 we have facilitated the entire process with 12 companies (we are small and they are usually big). We have conducted about 200 workshops and given about 2500 inspirational speeches.

And UPONOR in Sweden has improved their profit every year, because they are smart and brave enough to add value instead of lowering the price.

If you do not know us, start with a call or mail and give us your story, thereby we can see if there is anything we can do for you…

Thank you for your time

Staffan Ehde

staffan [at] metaformedia.se
+46 (0)8 684 18 350
+46 73 650 3212
skype: metaformedia

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